3 Reasons You Need A Business Consultant For Your Small Business


A business consultant is an outside expert who does not work for your company, but is hired to come in, evaluate your business plan and finances, and make suggestions for improvements. Paying for a business consultant's expertise can quickly pay off in saved time and frustration, but will also help guide you toward smarter business decisions in the long term. Here are three of the most important reasons to hire a business consultant for your small business:

1 May 2019

Why Nurses Need Health Coaches


Nurses have more than enough training in proper diet and exercise. Yet, nurses have more health problems than most. You may be thinking that that simply is not true, but there are several factors at play that cause nurses to have poor health. All of these factors are also reasons why you, as a nurse, need a nurse health coach. Lack of Sleep Long shifts, double shifts, and working every day for more than a week means that you are not getting enough sleep.

16 October 2017

How To Protect Your Tenants From A Fire In An Apartment Building


If you own a large apartment building where dozens of people live, you must be prepared for the worst possible scenario. If there is a fire in one of the apartments, it could quickly spread to some of the other rooms, eventually causing major problems for most of the tenants. There are a few steps that should be taken to protect those individuals during such frightening situations. Install Sprinklers Throughout the Building

5 September 2017

Creating A Profitable Invention: Essential Steps


Inventing a product can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. Then, if you are not even able to patent it, you may have your invention stolen by someone else. All of this work will then be flushed down the drain and you will miss out on the joy of bringing an exciting new invention to the market. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure your invention will be truly yours.

7 August 2017

3 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need An HR Consulting Company


Are you the owner of a small business? Are you trying to expand in order to better handle all of the work that you're now getting? Business expansion can be tricky as you can't have higher profits without expanding, but you need to spend some of the current profits in order to move to a larger location or to be able to hire more workers. As a small business, it can be difficult to attract the right employees that will help your business the most.

25 July 2017

Wasting Money On Your Telecom Services? 3 Ways A Telecom Audit Can Help You Save Time And Money


If telecommunication services are crucial to your business, you need them to be working properly. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do, especially if you're dealing with several different telecom providers. One way to ensure efficiency is to utilize a contingency fee–based audit of your telecom services from a company like Kloppe Associates. A contingency fee–based audit will help you identify problem areas that could be costing you money and time.

24 July 2017

3 Things To Consider When Reviewing Construction Cost Estimates


If your business is getting ready to expand, and has a large and detailed construction project coming up that includes unique construction efforts such as building tunnels, waterways or large buildings, it is important to know what to look for when reviewing construction cost estimates. #1 Well Detailed Proposal The first thing that you want to look for when reviewing a construction estimate is how detailed the estimate is. You want to make sure that they are not just giving you a review of the project, but are actually providing you with a detailed cost analysis of the project.

19 July 2017