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6 Ways To Utilize Land Surveying Data


People often associate land surveying activities with real estate transactions. That is one of the core applications of land surveying services. However, there are many other ways to utilize the data from surveys.

Improved Mapping

Individuals and organizations use maps to understand many problems. However, there is a common tendency to rely on existing maps.

Unfortunately, this creates at least two problems. First, the available maps may not provide sufficient resolution for you to see what's going on at the ground level. Land surveying can give you a detailed understanding of a location. Second, the available maps may no longer be accurate. Changes to land formations and coastlines can arise from erosion, earthquakes, water level rises or declines, or even the addition or subtraction of large structures.

Resource Development

Surveyors have access to significant data regarding the resources on properties. If you need to locate a spot to drill for water, for example, a surveyor can stake out locations where previous investigations found water. A survey can also help you understand the hydrology of the location, and that can give you a better sense of where to look for resources like water, coal, and natural gas.


Some properties are better targets than others for investment and development. A company might want to speculate on properties in a location they believe is going to become popular for the development of homes or businesses, for example. Ideally, they'd want to purchase the properties that project to be the easiest to sell for higher values. Land surveying can determine which lots will take less work, making them ideal targets.

3-D Modeling

Developing 3-D models of a property has numerous advantages. A real estate firm may want to provide virtual walkthroughs. City governments often request 3-D models for development proposals. An architect or engineer may want a better way to look at a property while doing design work.

Terrain Assessment

In many scenarios, it's important to know the lay of the land. A survey can tell you the topography of the property. Working from scientific inferences, you can determine the best spots to test for certain features, such as hard or soft rock for a construction or infrastructure project.

Financial Reporting

Many businesses have significant asset valuations tied up in land. Consequently, accurate mapping of the land can often affect financial reports. Right down the amount of acreage a firm owns, this data influences the value of the company. Likewise, reporting data can affect tax bills for properties.

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29 August 2022