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Top Signs You Should Choose A Loan Modification When You're Facing Foreclosure


Facing foreclosure might be one of the most frightening things that you have ever experienced. If you are currently at risk of losing your home, it only makes sense to look into your options. One option that might be available to you is to work with your mortgage lender to see if you qualify for a loan modification. A few signs that a loan modification might be right for you in your current situation are listed here.

You're Behind on Your Mortgage

Although it varies between different mortgage lenders, some do require you to be behind on at least one mortgage payment before they can assist you with a loan modification. With some lenders, though, you can ask for a loan modification if you are simply in imminent risk of missing a payment, so contact your lender for more information.

You Could Benefit From Lower Mortgage Payments

The whole reason why you might be facing foreclosure right now could be because your mortgage payments are too high. If this is true, then a loan modification could be right for you. After all, during the loan modification process, lenders and borrowers often work together to come up with a new loan structure that will be easier for the homeowner to keep up with. 

You Do Have Some Income

As mentioned above, you can reduce your mortgage payment each month with a loan modification. However, you do have to have some sort of income coming in so that you can make the payments at their newly adjusted amount. The bank might even require you to provide proof that you will be able to afford these payments. Therefore, if you don't have an income coming in, other arrangements might have to be made.

You Want to Avoid Bankruptcy

Some people who find themselves facing foreclosure file bankruptcy. If you're in a dire financial situation in more ways than just one, bankruptcy might be your best or only option. If you aren't really sure of whether or not bankruptcy is right for you, then you might want to explore other options that might not affect your credit and future quite as much but that might still allow you to keep your home. Once you modify your home loan, you might find that you don't really have a need to file bankruptcy at all, since your main financial issues might then be settled.

For many people, a loan modification can be a great option for avoiding foreclosure. Consider looking into your loan modification options if any of the points above are true.


7 September 2021