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What Makes A Good AEC Digital Marketing Strategy?


In the field of architecture, engineering, and construction, also known as AEC, it may seem like marketing isn't as much of a necessity as it is in other industries. However, that is a common misconception. Organizations within these industries can benefit tremendously from having a detailed marketing strategy that enables them to connect with consumers, strengthen their digital presence, and make a name for themselves. Check out some of the most critical elements leading to an excellent AEC digital marketing strategy.

#1. A Fully Optimized Website 

A fully optimized website is the first and most integral part of the AEC digital marketing strategy. The website should include keywords related to the niche that will make it easier for people to find what they're looking for on the website. Not only is it good to use a series of high-ranking keywords throughout the content, but it also helps to optimize tags, titles, photo descriptions, and more, all of which can increase search rankings so that the website is easier to find.

#2. Valuable Read-Worthy Blog Content

Not everyone understands the importance of having a blog on their website. However, those in the AEC industries can benefit from including blog posts on their site. Although it helps with search engine optimization, it also enables these organizations to position themselves as more of an authority on the topic, making it easier for them to gain consumer trust and loyalty. In addition, the content should offer something of value to the readers that will keep them coming back.

#3. Social Media Marketing

While it begins with building a high-quality, SEO-optimized website and creating informative blog posts that consumers can benefit from reading, there's much more to a digital marketing strategy than that. It's also beneficial for companies to focus on building their presence on social media, using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok to share valuable content. With billions of people worldwide using these platforms, companies in any industry would miss out on the chance to connect by not using social media to their advantage.

An AEC digital marketing strategy may consist of an optimized website, high-quality blog posts, and social media marketing, each of which drives web traffic and potentially helps bring in more business. Those that don't have a digital marketing strategy can benefit from working with a professional company specializing in assisting AEC companies in expanding their reach and building a more substantial online presence than ever before.


24 October 2022