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Why Your Bank or Investment Firm Might Want to Make Use Of Outsourced Trading Solutions


As a bank or investment fund manager, you are always looking for the next big gain. You likely keep a close eye on multiple financial reports and analyze the data in detail as it comes in. Many banks or investment firms also have their own in-house trading team. When it comes time to adjust a client's portfolio, you send the order over to your trading desk and the stock or fund is bought or sold in-house. But today, more and more financial firms are deciding to move to outsourced trading solutions. You can still do the research but the actual trading of the commodity will be done by a third party that you partner with. Here's why your firm might want to go down this path in the future.

Reduce Your Internal Staff or Labor Costs

By maintaining a trading desk internally, you will have additional employees on staff that of course need to be paid and given healthcare, a 401K, and so on. By outsourcing your trade orders in the future, you may be able to reduce the size of your trading desk or eliminate it altogether. You can reassign these employees to other tasks to make your entire operation more efficient or lower your company's headcount to save more money. Using an outsourced trading solution will of course cost money, but it may cost significantly less than what you are paying to have a team of people to handle this task in-house.

Scale with Ease

If you are a smaller firm, you might not have a large trading desk at the moment. If you feel like your current desk can't keep up with a growing amount of orders, you are going to need another solution. An outsourced trading firm will be able to scale with you. As your company grows and more and more trading requests come in daily, your trading partner will ensure that all orders are submitted in a timely fashion to give your clients an edge in the market.

Get Access to Additional Markets or Funds

If your current financial firm is somewhat new or still growing, you might not have anyone certified to trade in certain niche markets. By working with an outsourced trading firm, you'll be able to take advantage of their existing size and expertise to give your clients access to trading in areas or industries that maybe you would not be able to tackle on your own.


15 April 2021