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Marketing Strategies For Your Private Practice


Back or neck issues may have been keeping your chiropractor office busy for the last few years, but after moving into a large medical plaza, your business can become lost among the sea of competitors. Some chiropractor marketing solutions will aid in regaining your footing so that you have plenty of new and recurring patients to look after.

Pinpoint Your Weaknesses

The first step is to assess how your business is set up and the type of marketing that you utilize to help you pinpoint issues. Advice from a marketing strategist will aid in covering all avenues and determining what parts of your marketing plan need to be strengthened.

If the medical plaza has clear glass doorways and suite numbers leading to each practice, maybe a lack of signage is making it difficult for people to find your office. Vinyl signage can be secured to glass panels and will alert people to your presence within the complex. Go to the main floor of the medical building and check the bulletin board or directory cue card to make sure that your name and suite number are clearly marked.

Since people will be spending time at the complex for various reasons and a spouse or a parent may wind up roaming the seating area, in lieu of a snack or a beverage machine, maybe you can intertwine some marketing materials so that people stop by to pick up a brochure or a pamphlet that pertains to your business.

You will need to check with the owner of the building before adding an array of pamphlets or leaflets to the main area where people will be seated. If you receive approval, consider adding a cardboard or plastic holder that contains information about your services.

Target People In The Community

When is the last time that your business cards were updated, or have you ever thought about giving promotional products to new and recurring clients? Consult with a marketing solutions manager to determine the best way to reach your targeted audience. You may need to have new business cards made that reflect your updated phone number and address.

If some services are being overlooked by your clients, then it is a good idea to consider having your website updated. Additional content that is targeted toward the people who you serve will better inform someone about what they can expect if they visit your office. Include diagrams or pictures on your website that are both user friendly and informative. Purchase promotional cups, pens, and other small items and give them to people who may be interested in your services.


14 August 2020