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Why Nurses Need Health Coaches


Nurses have more than enough training in proper diet and exercise. Yet, nurses have more health problems than most. You may be thinking that that simply is not true, but there are several factors at play that cause nurses to have poor health. All of these factors are also reasons why you, as a nurse, need a nurse health coach.

Lack of Sleep

Long shifts, double shifts, and working every day for more than a week means that you are not getting enough sleep. You know that sleep helps restore every cell in your body, which helps you stay on your feet at your job. When you cannot get enough sleep, the health coach helps you find minutes in your day where you can sneak a few extra winks.

Poor Diet

The highly stressful job that forces you to keep moving also frequently causes you to eat the wrong things. Instead of eating something healthy when you get a break, you might buy things from the vending machines at work. All of those snacks and processed foods high in fat and sugar are not a good source of energy for you. If you are not sure how to manage a healthier diet when you are constantly on the run, the health coach can show you how to pack meals and snacks that are not only healthy, but also easy to eat on the run.

Proper Balance of Fluids

Water is the only drink humans really need. You know that, but you may not be drinking enough. If you are hooking IV bags of fluid up to patients, take a second to reflect on the last time you drank a full glass of water. If might have been at breakfast, and you are now approaching supper time. Grab a quick drink as you dart down the hallway, or just after you take a restroom break.


This one probably makes most nurses laugh. Either you are running ragged to help patients and do what the doctors expect you to do, or you are parked at a nurses' station for most of your shift. Either way, neither of these situations are true exercise. A long walk on your lunch break or going for a run before or after your shift is. Fitting some real exercise into your hectic day is hard, but the health coach can help you examine your day and figure out where you can squeeze in ten or twenty minutes of real exercise.


16 October 2017