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Creating A Profitable Invention: Essential Steps


Inventing a product can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. Then, if you are not even able to patent it, you may have your invention stolen by someone else. All of this work will then be flushed down the drain and you will miss out on the joy of bringing an exciting new invention to the market. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure your invention will be truly yours.

Keep A Log

As you are inventing something, it is essential to maintain an inventor's log. This will keep track of your thoughts as you are working on the invention and the steps that you have taken to make your invention a usable product. If you do not keep records of your invention, it will be more difficult to prove that your invention is truly yours.

Conduct A Patent Search

Before you even begin creating an invention, you must perform a patent search to ensure that your invention has not yet been created. There are some inventions that are sat on or that are not brought to the market immediately, so performing a patent search will allow you to avoid being sued and will allow you to patent your invention. 

Create An Invention

If you are not sure about whether you should patent an invention, you should ask yourself whether your invention has been finished. Those who are willing to purchase your invention will not be interested if you simply come to them with an idea. An idea alone cannot be patented and is unlikely to make you any money. You need a working prototype that will perform the task that you need it to perform. The prototype needs to be tested to make sure that it works properly. Then, it is important to perform a market evaluation if you would like to succeed as an inventor. 

Understand The Market

The market evaluation involves determining who you will be selling the product to. Depending on the target market, you may need to make modifications so that the product is easier to use or so that the product is not as expensive. 

You will most likely need the help of a registered patent agent. This individual will be able to help you through many of the steps of obtaining a patent and ensuring that you will receive full credit and all of the profits for your invention.


7 August 2017