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Wasting Money On Your Telecom Services? 3 Ways A Telecom Audit Can Help You Save Time And Money


If telecommunication services are crucial to your business, you need them to be working properly. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do, especially if you're dealing with several different telecom providers. One way to ensure efficiency is to utilize a contingency fee–based audit of your telecom services from a company like Kloppe Associates. A contingency fee–based audit will help you identify problem areas that could be costing you money and time. Here are just three of the reasons why you need an audit of your telecom services.

Identify Current Phone Services

Depending on the type of business you run, you may have several different phone services. Unfortunately, if you don't know what each of those phone services are providing, you might be wasting money. To make sure your phone services are optimized, you need to have them audited. Through an audit, you'll be able to determine whether you're paying for services you don't need, while missing out on services that you do need. For instance, if you provide your customers with an automated line, it doesn't need a call-waiting feature.

Remove Unnecessary POS

If your business utilizes a POS system, you should only be paying for the service points that you use. If you're paying for service points that you're not using, you're spending money that could be better spent elsewhere in your business. A telecom audit will help you identify unnecessary POS points and remove them from your system. If you don't have enough POS points, your audit will identify that problem as well.

Identify Contract Problems

One problem that comes with having multiple telecom contracts is that it can be difficult to keep track of discrepancies. Unfortunately, that can lead to contracts that don't work well for your company. Here are a couple contract issues that an audit can identify.

Pricing Irregularities

If you're not keeping up on your current telecom contracts, you could be paying more than you should be. An audit of your services will identify pricing irregularities so that you can get them corrected as quickly as possible.

Unfair Contract Obligations

If you entered into extended contracts for services that you don't need or for services that you've outgrown, you might not recognize the problems involved in that. A contingency fee–based audit will help you identify unfair contract obligations that could be stifling growth and keeping you attached to services that are no longer benefiting you or your business.

Don't take chances with your telecom services. A contingency fee–based audit will help you streamline your telecom services, which will save you time and money.


24 July 2017